Vinyl Flooring For Your Home

Vinyl Flooring has come a long way!  Now offerings from vendors such as Polyflor, Altro and Tarkett that use to be just for the contract market seen in restaurants, hotels, shops. hospitals… are now increasingly been found in the home.

There are a lot of advantages in having Vinyl as your choice of Vinyl in the home, it not just a trendy colour choice, not only good looking but also an affordable substitute to expensive hardwood and ceramics.

Vinyl is available in lots of colours, designs and effects – such as Plank and Tile effects in realistic textures and colours.

Resistance to moisture, great for use in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture can be an issue and also the new technology in slip resistance can make your home a safer environment.  I personally have Polysafe in my bathroom with having young children splashing around decreases the slip and also great to keep clean and looking good!

Vinyl is durable, no scratches from cat and dogs claws, shoes and general wear and tear.

Vinyl is a warmer option to tiles and also absorbs a lot of noise, even comes in Acoustic lines specifically to help with noise reduction.

So easy to maintain!  With the pur coating on most of the offerings cleaning is a doddle… and no stains from general spills.

The choice is enormous!  




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