Frequently Asked Quesitons

We get lots of questions about flooring here at Vinyl Flooring Online so we thought we would share our answers on the blog.

How do I maintain and clean my vinyl flooring?

If you are moving furniture or heavy appliances which may have sharp feet such as cookers, freezers or washing machines, it is a good idea to slide a piece of hardboard or inverted carpet underneath the appliance, then manoeuvre the appliances onto it then you can slide it out on to another piece of hardboard.   Also placing  plastic castor cups or felt pads under any chair legs will avoid damaging and scratching your flooring. If you are a pet owner regularly trim pets claws as these can cause fine scratches.

Protecting your floors from dirt can be reduced by placing entrance matting to pick up grit and moisture, ( Please remember, some rubber backed mats may discolour the floor)

If spillages occur remove as quickly as possible to reduce risk of staining and prevent slip hazards.

Day to day cleaning your vinyl flooring is quick and easy by, sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove loose dirt, grit or dust.  Use clean mops and solutions to regularly clean your flooring we sell the correct cleaning products to help clean your vinyl flooring without damaging it.

It is important to rinse your floor with clean water after and allow to try, regular cleaning is more beneficial to the flooring covering and is more cost effective than occasional heavy cleaning.  Vinyl Flooring has a range manufacturer approved cleaning and maintenance products – we have all the guides by manufacturer available.



What not to do….


* Use abrasive liquids or metal scouring pads as these can damage the vinyl floor covering.

* Clean the floor with solvents, caustic detergents, washing up liquid, soap powder, bleach, furniture polish, petroleum based products, pine gels, stain removers or highly coloured products/ Such products may make the floor slippery or cause permanent damage.

*Drag furniture with unprotected feet across the floor.

 Full maintenance guides can be either found at the the manufacturers web site, alternatively contact us at Vinyl Flooring Online and we can e-mail or post them out to you.


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