How to measure your floor


More Frequently Asked Questions

Last week we started to post information on frequently asked questions we get here at Vinyl Flooring Online, another question that we get is – how to measure a room for the flooring, we we thought we would put a simple guide together:

How to measure a room for vinyl flooring

To measure a room for a vinyl covering you will need;

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Paper


Measure sheet vinyl and linoleum

Sheet vinyl is laid in a single piece wherever possible, therefore to accommodate corners and nooks in the layout of a room there is sometimes wastage, however this allows for no joins across a room,

Try to avoid placing seams in thoroughfares where they are more visible.

It is important to remember that colour is often difficult to match between batches of vinyl, so purchase all you need in one go to ensure the same batch is used.  Vinyl patterns must be matched to ensure they run in the same direction – certain cushion vinyl has the plank effect running horizontally and some vertically – think about this when ordering quantities and how you want the pattern to run in your room.

Often the best approach is to sketch the layout of the room(s) you wish to cover and measure the fullest length and width of each. Then add 100mm (4in) to each measurement to allow for fitting.


Don’t forget to account for alcoves, bay windows and doorways when measuring.  If the sheet is to run in one continuous piece, take the combined total length and width of all rooms to calculate the total square metres of vinyl sheet needed (total length x total width) If vinyl is not available in a width large enough to cover either dimension of a room in one seamless piece, a seam will have to be included.

If in any doubt please call us or e-mail to ask advise and we will be happy to help you.

Measuring vinyl and carpet tiles

Vinyl floor tiles cover only a small area at a time, this means they are ideal for covering a complex layout with several nooks and corners with little wastage.  The simplest way to assess the total floor area to measure the fullest length and width of the room to be tiled.  Multiply these two measurements together to get the square area and add 10% for cutting errors.  For a more accurate measurement, divide the room into large rectangular areas, squaring off any curves or small alcoves.  Find the square area of each of these large rectangles and add them all together, allowing a further 10% for cutting errors.  Each pack of vinyl tiles will detail the square area that the pack can cover.  Divide the total square area by this figure to calculate the number of packs you will need, remembering to round up.

Happy Measuring and enjoy your new floor.




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