Which is the right product for different wet room environments?

Altro Aquarius

The latest technological from Altro brings you a safety flooring for combined shoe and barefoot use. This evolution is not just for soft soled shoe use, but any, including hard soled, rubber and trainers; making it perfect for a host of applications.

Achieving a pendulum test value of ≥36 and Class B to DIN51097 for barefoot use, Altro Aquarius  provides optimum slip resistance in wet and dry environments.

This innovation revolutionises product selection for potentially wet areas. It takes away the uncertainty of how and where to specify and install safety flooring for mixed barefoot and shoe use.  Studded safety flooring currently provides the perfect solution for barefoot and soft soled shoe wearers in wet locations, such as pool surrounds and showers. When it comes to general wet areas, for example bathrooms, shower and changing rooms, typical usage is much more diverse. Frequently, wet and barefoot users share the environment with people who are dry and sporting a variety of footwear. This can prove problematical when it comes to specifying and installing flooring. You currently have to assess the risk to those in shoes or barefoot and whether to install studded or standard safety flooring.

Altro Marine

Altro Marine is a anti slip flooring for wet areas, the carefully textured 2mm thick dimpled surface of Altro Marine is specifically designed for safety with wet, bare feet or soft soled footwear. Comfortable underfoot, it affords superb slip resistance when wet, making it ideal for use in shower and swimming pool surrounds as well as other wet areas requiring slip resistance, such as care home bathrooms.  It contains a bacteriostat to minimise the growth of microorganisms, such as MRSA, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and potential subsequent litigation claims.  Easy to clean and maintain, its hard-wearing construction provides enhanced chemical and indentation resistance, resulting in a longer life expectancy.

It coordinates well with Altro Walkway 20 or Altro Impressionist II in adjacent areas and Altro Whiterock wall cladding.


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