How to make a small room feel bigger….

A few things you can do to make your room feel a lot bigger:

  • Keep flooring neutral,
  • Flooring should be unfussy so it blends into the background.
  • Plain carpet works well in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, again avoid dark shades or pattern.
  • A simple beige will complement most colour schemes.
  • If you prefer timber or wood laminates, choose paler shades like birch or oak instead of deeper -hued varieties such as walnut.

Tarkett modern living is a great choice of flooring to create a spacious looking room which will make it appear much larger than it actually is, the great kitchen below is Tarkett Modern Living DJ White.

At vinyl flooring online we sell this modern, popular design ar cheap prices with fast delivery.

PhotoRepro: 2 Retouch: Johan Flodin PhotoRepro: 3 Retouch: Johan Flodin

Other tricks….

Curtain poles should be mounted as close as possible to the ceiling, with fabric falling to the floor. This will give the illusion of height and space. Width-wise, make sure that poles extend beyond the window recess so that curtains can be drawn right back. Better still, use blinds which give a cleaner, less cluttered effect. Or for a minimalist solution, try window film. Cheap and easy to apply, film will allow maximum light in while still providing privacy.

Clutter makes compact rooms look ten times smaller, so well-planned storage is a must. By far the best solution for a small space is to built in furniture. This will make optimum use of the available space.  Try to get floor to ceiling storage as this will maximise the height of your room. In a bedroom, make use of storage space under the bed. And don’t forget the walls. Wall-hung shelving is far more practical than floor-standing bookcases and cupboards.

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