Why Do I Need To Have Safety Flooring?

As a customer care advisor this is something I’m frequently asked. It’s simple , the law requires that floors must not be slippery so they put people’s safety at risk (The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992) and Altro safety flooring provides the ideal solution.

Slips and trips are a major cause of injury and absence from work. A slip and trip accident is recorded every 3 minutes and is the most common cause of injury in the workplace. So to have safety flooring would be the logical option. But why Altro? What makes Altro different?

Altro invented the original safety flooring over 50 years ago and we continue to develop new products to bring you the best in safety and hygiene. We produce top quality products, manufactured from top quality materials to ensure that you get the best performance from our flooring. All our consultants are highly trained and we can offer support from beginning to end of the project, starting with free NBS specification writing. We offer guidance throughout the tender stages to all parties including contractor nominations. So all the above and more, amounting to excellent customer service – and you get to speak to people like me!

Here is a link to Altro’s Blog http://www.altro.co.uk/Blog.aspx#.UsvXhPRdUSU, Vinyl Flooring Online think its a very useful source of information on safety flooring.

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