Altro Unity 25  a new generation 2.5mm safety floor offers you a heavy duty, durable floor with a fresh palette and all the benefits of Altro Easy clean Maxis PUR Technology. With a modern look, Altro Unity provides enhanced aesthetics, featuring 18 plain and chipped options, enabling you to create attractive interiors and better looking initial customer impressions in a host of front of house locations. Incorporating aluminium trioxide and coloured quartz, specify Altro Unity 25 where long lasting slip resistance is crucial. This includes areas where the flooring is put under intense pressure from high volumes of foot traffic over a short period of time, bringing in constant dirt. It is the ideal choice where the flooring needs to remain looking attractive, such as at exhibitions, football stadia, supermarkets and retail. Altro Unity provides excellent resistance to point loading, making it suitable for use in labs, plus launderettes and hotels. The inclusion of our PUR technology contributes to easy cleaning and maintenance, plus excellent colour retention, so that your colours will stay looking new for longer.

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