Sale Page

At Vinyl Flooring Online we now have a sale page why not visit today and get some great deals on vinyl flooring, we frequently update this page with all our offers and best pricing.

Design Cushion Vinyl
Design Cushion Vinyl, Loose Lay Vinyl available in 10 Colours.

Hygenic, hardwaring and anti-allegic vinyl flooring that is quiet underfoot. R10 Slip resistance rating with a 10 year guarantee

ONLY £5.99 per sqm ex VAT 

Stone Cushion Vinyl

Classic Cushion Vinyl is a hygeinic, hard wearing, anti-allergic cushion flooring.  It is easy to clean and quiet underfoot.  Cushion Vinyl has an R10 slip rating.

The Classic Cushion Vinyl comes 3 different widths, each colourway has an option of 2m, 3m and 4m width roll code

ONLY £5.99 per sqm ex VAT 


Polysafe Hydro flooring is commonly used within the education and healthcare sectors and is specifically designed for locations with constant running water and with its raised profile emboss, it makes an ideal solution for slip resistance. Polysafe Hydro Flooring is a safety flooring manufactured by Polyflor which is suitable for both barefoot and soft soled footwear and contains antimicrobial agents which inhibit the growth of MRSA on flooring.

ONLY £12.99 per sqm ex VAT

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