New Bordz 5GS Locking System

Introducing the new Bordz 5Gs Locking System Flooring joint , this new floor can be laid by as much as 25% faster without any special tools.  The new joint also reduces risk of a squeaky floor to a minimum.

Bordz_3-Strip Engineered_Brushed White Lacquer.jpg

The new joint makes the purpose of installing the floor much easier in many ways.

  • Fast- reduced installation time by as much as 25% compared to a traditional floorboard joint.
  • By yourself- simple design ensures that even non-professionals will achieve a full success
  • Without any special tool- the design works well so well you don’t need a hammer and tapping block.
  • Clean and Comfortable- as no adhesive is used. the risk of contamination during installation is eliminated.
  • Safe- no risk of damage to he front lock by tapping the floorboards during floating floor installation or dismantling
  • Quiet- noise-free assembly and a comfortable and quiet floor use, as squeaking sounds are minimised.

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