Steam Cleaning Advise

Steam cleaners have become a big favourite recently they are extremely good at shifting any stubborn dirt or grit that proves difficult to remove with any usual cleaning regime. If you are looking to give the kitchen a good clean, look no further. However, when it comes to floors, steam cleaners work by forcing steam onto the surface you are cleaning.  This means you could be forcing steam into the joints of your new floor, and between the layers that make up your floor.  A constant addition of moisture to your floor could make it swell, curl or de-laminate, which means the layers come apart.  Manufacturers of steam cleaners advise not to use them on waxed or oiled floors, as the moisture will damage the finish and make it break down.  Possibly making your floor look dull and lifeless, and possibly patchy if the finish gets damaged. Steam cleaner manufacturers advise that some finishes can have a diminished glossiness appearance over time.  Your steam cleaner is designed to clean hard flooring such as ceramic tile, vinyl, marble, stone and sealed hard wood floors.

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