Recreate the look with Secura

If you are looking to revamp your home, why not try out some of these flooring ideas:

Polyflor’s beautiful Norwegian Maple, we think would look great with clean walls with white leather and cooler wood tones to keep the colour scheme balanced and injected fun and colour using creative accessories. This gives the room an uncluttered but inviting feel that leaves a lasting impression

.Norwegian Maple

Another look that is bold and beautiful African Mahogany bedroom. The rich chocolate tones of this classic floor covering complements perfectly with playful bright colours. Using the natural inspiration from the woods origins, to create your own little slice of paradise.

African Mahogany

Create a fun and inviting bedroom for your little princess, with the addition of our Golden Oak floor covering. This luxurious pink and white bedroom is styled using soft pastel shades and flowery fun accessories. The honey grain of the oak is perfectly complemented by the creamy white furniture, whilst the pink lamp, mirror and wall stickers bring the fun factor. Secura is perfect for children’s bedrooms as the soft back layer is comfortable under foot making it ideal for playtime.

Golden Oak

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