Discontinued Products

Tarkett as discontinued some colours in their Cushion Vinyl range, the following colours will no longer be available from Luxury Stone and Luxury Wood

  • Luxury Stone – Agrego White
  • Luxury Stone- Antia Brown
  • Luxury Stone- Aurice Carbon
  • Luxury Stone- Australian Slate Beige
  • Luxury Stone- Australian Slate Black
  • Luxury Stone- Bellagio Anthracite
  • Luxury Stone- Bellagio Grege
  • Luxury Stone- Bellagio Brown
  • Luxury Stone- Gres Carbon
  • Luxury Stone- Gres Light Beige
  • Luxury Woods- Elegant Birch Brown
  • Luxury Woods- Elegant Natural
  • Luxury Woods- Gea Light Brown
  • Luxury Woods- Hazelnut Natural
  • Luxury Woods- Oak Dark Beige
  • Luxury Woods- Soft Elm Natural

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