Linoleum flooring has been appreciated for its natural beauty, comfort, durability and versatility in most interior environments.  Tarkett was an early innovator in surface treatments- adding xf2 technology to improve resistance and simplify maintenance for significant cost savings in daily cleaning and care.

xf2 for improved performance, now Tarkett is introducing xf2- its second generation surface treatment- increasing resistance for even longer durability and reducing maintenance for a highly cost- effective flooring.

  • Micro- reinforced polyurethane V treatment that seals and hardens the surface to make it more resistant to dirt and daily wear and tear.
  • A smoother matt appearance that prevents accumulation of dirt or stains.
  • No Need for polish, Stripping and polymer waxing over the lifetime of the surface.
  • Environmentally- respectful formula using zero solvents, being 100% solid without water.

Veneto a collection of strong and subtle marbled designs in soft or intense pattern variations for a timeless effect.


Ethrusco a contemporary Linoleum range featuring fourteen deep and radiant colours.  Thanks to its deep colours and plain design, Ethrusco xf2 can be combined easily with any other type of pattern or used alone, for great design effects.Tarkett Linoleum Etrusco xf


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