Fitting Stairnosings

Flexible skirting-installation instructions

Equipment required For fixing flexible skirting

  • Sharp knife To trim skirting to size
  • Spreader To apply adhesive
  • Hot air gun If required to fit weldrod etc.
  • Measure Measuring Tape
  • Mitre box For internal mitres
  • Adhesive Manufacturers recommended adhesive

1. Surfaces should be smooth, flat, even and clean-free from dirt, grease and dust
2. Measure required area and cut skirting to size
3. Apply adhesive as per manufacturers instructions and fix
4. For internal corners use a mitre box to produce neat mitred corners
5. For external corners carefully form round the corner and fix


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Accessories ( 7 )

Treadsteps DC
Stair Edging Trim
Stair Edging Trim UTP

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