Rubber Tiles

When you think of rubber flooring, you most likely think of commercial properties such as, leisure centres, gyms, and maybe schools, but do you think of your home?

Altro Nuvola Stratus

Rubber flooring tiles or sheet has many qualities which enable it to be used in many areas around the home, and is available in a range of attractive, bright colours and profiles, it’s a great way to make a statement in contemporary and cutting edge interiors and is becoming increasingly popular.

11 Reasons why to use rubber tiles/sheet in your home,

  • Durable, resulting in good value for money, particularly due to low maintenance costs.
  • Hard-wearing, withstanding wear and tear, the Apex range is suitable for light-medium commercial and domestic use, even in high traffic areas.
  • Rubber flooring absorbs sound, reducing noise pollution in the vicinity.
  • Flexibility results in ease of fitting, and the resilient properties of rubber prevent cracking as time goes on.
  • Comfortable under foot, warm in the winter and cool in the summer, very suitable for areas where children play.
  • PVC and Chlorine free – unlike some flooring materials, a low heat is needed to produce rubber tiles, making the process more environmentally friendly than many others.
  • Versatile – Apex range currently available in two profiles, round studded or smooth and in 20 colours, enabling it to be suitable for use in almost any room.
  • Water resistant and slip resistant, therefore great for use in bathrooms and wet rooms.
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain – simply wash and polish using a mild household detergent, extra polish optional to keep tiles as good as new.
  • Easy to install – tiles are 602mm square, enabling cutting to be kept to a minimum, easier than a roll to fit to spaces or for accurate cutting, suitable for laying by competent DIY’er.
  • Recyclable – rubber tiles when no longer required can be recycled.

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