Tremco SX300 Unitex NA High Performance Latex Underlayment

Tremco SX300 (formerly Treadfast Unitex NA) is a two part general purpose smoothing underlayment for interior applications.

Low odour and protein free, complies with HTM 61 requirements
Short setting and cure time, facilitating fast track programs and minimising disruption
Excellent adhesion to a wide range of common flooring substrates, including: concrete, sand/cement screeds, flooring grade asphalt, Treadfast surface DPM’s, etc.
Water resistant: can be used for pre-smoothing
Self priming on most surfaces
Tremco SX300 Unitex NA is specifically designed for the preparation and smoothing of interior subfloors prior to:
the application of a liquid applied damp proof membrane
receiving a floor covering

Tremco SX500 rapid Drying Smoothing Compound

Tremco SX500 is a fast drying, smoothing compound for interior applications.
BS EN13813:2002 This standard refers to the properties and performance of the product and the specification to which it has been tested. The data shown confirms the minimum compressive and flexural strengths that the product will achieve.

Fast application and minimum down time
Accepts both textile and resilient floor coverings in as little as 90 minutes
Can be used with under floor heating
Can be used on difficult substrates
Protein free
Low odour
Application thickness of 2-15 mm
OPC free
40% recycled content
Moisture tolerant
Usage / Purpose
Tremco SX500 is designed for application to existing floors prior to the application of floor coverings including: vinyl, carpets, ceramic tiles, wood, etc.

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