Expona Design Wood

Comprising of premium designs, the Expona Design wood palette offers a mix of tone, subtlety and wild variation, Sympathetically portraying the beauty of the natural timber, this allows for total confidence in selection. The authenticity of decoration aims to heighten the relationship between the space and its users.  Expona recognises the crucial position a contemporary stone collection should have, and as such Polyflor have extensively researched and development a range which embodies this  position. The amalgamated offer includes clean and rustic stone effects alongside strong slate variations.

Polyflor Expona Control Wood Collection

The Expona Commercial Wood Collection features an extensive array of timber designs, covering close and refined grains through to the more bold and experience effects. Polyflor continue to develop new aspects of floor coverings to communicate the appeal of wood with a high level of unity and allure.  Expona Commercial Stone is an accessible and essential collection of natural mineral designs. The remarkable reworking of a contemporary palette portrays the intrigue and unpredictability of classic materials which speak proudly of their source.  The Implements of Expona Commercial Effects goes some way to question the convention of standard flooring design. Developed to appeal to the imagination, Polyflor continue their tradition of strong focus on innovation and individuality.

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