Guide To Measuring Stairs

Vinyl Flooring Online’s guide to measuring  Stairs

Measuring carpet in a standard room is achieved simply by multiplying the length and width. However, this formula does not work with  areas such as stairs. You must take into account the rise and fall of each step on the staircase when you measure carpet on stairs. Knowing the proper measurement will prevent you from purchasing too much or too little carpet

Measure the rise of 1 of the steps to be carpeted.

  • The top of the step that you place your foot on when walking is called the rise.
  • Place a measuring tape at the deepest portion of the step. This will be the area where the rise adjoins the fall of the step above it.
  • Pull the measuring tape to the very tip of the rise and check the measurement.
  • Use the tape measure to obtain the fall of each step
  • The fall is the portion of the stair that connects the rise of 2 adjoining steps.
  • Position the tape measure at the edge of the rise and pull it down to the bottom of the fall of the stair where it adjoins the step below it.
  • Then, add the measurements of the step’s rise and fall together to calculate the total length each stair requires.
  • Add 2 inches (5.1 cm) to the total to account for waste, padding and carpet cutting
  • Count the number of steps that are exactly the same size as the step that you measured.
  • Multiply your total for the length by the number of steps that are exactly the same size.
  • Take the measurements of any steps that are a different size from the first one measured.
  • Total the measurements from all of the steps. This will be the total length of carpeting that the stairs require.
  • Obtain the measurement for width by measuring the widest step on the staircase.
  • Put the tape measure at one end of the rise and stretch it across to the other end.
  • There is no need to measure additional steps as long as you know the measurement of the widest step.


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