Contesse Care & Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance:

1. Use NON-RUBBER protective mats In front of any doors leading to the outside. This helps get the sand and grit from getting on to your floors. Gritty Sand is any floor-coverings worst enemy.

2. Install proper floor protectors (felt preferred) on all furniture legs used on resilient flooring. Protectors will allow chairs to move easily over the floor without scuffing or scratching. Clean protectors on a regular basis to remove any grit that may have become embedded on the bottom of the furniture leg. For any swiveled type office chairs and other rolling furniture, please install 51mm wide non-staining flat casters. Do not use rubber casters.

3. To keep your floor looking its best, dust mop or vacuum your floor at least twice a week. Do it more often on floors with heavy traffic. Do not use a household dust cleaner of any kind as this may cause the floor to become slick or damage the finish. Simply sweep the floor as often as needed.

4. Do not allow pets with unclipped nails to damage your contesse floor. It may result in severe scratching to the surface. The same is true for any high heeled shoes that do not have proper tips on the heels.

5. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. During peak sunlight hours, use drapes or blinds to minimize the direct sunlight on the contesse floor. Most types of flooring will be affected by continuous strong sunlight. To avoid an uneven appearance, please consider relocations of any area rugs from time to time. In addition, excessive temperatures are not good for resilient floors. Some natural ventilation or intermittent air conditioning in vacant homes should be considered. Long term continuous inside temperatures over 35º C degrees combined with strong direct sunlight will damage your contesse floor and cause the installation to fail.


1. Food spills should be cleaned up as rapidly as possible with a quality liquid vinyl cleaner. Make sure the cleaner you choose is an all-purpose liquid cleaner that is NON-ABRASIVE. We do not recommend powdered cleaners, oil soaps, dishwashing detergents, or other dusting products. Try to use a non-rinsing, biodegradable cleaner that leaves no residue or haze and requires no rinsing after application.

2. If contesse One Step is not readily available, then you may obtain it directly from your Distributor.

3. Shoe marks and scuffs can be easily removed using a spot application of your contesse One Step and a green Scotch Brite pad.

4. Regular household dirt can be cleaned with your contesse One Step applied as indicated on the products label. Some hand wiping may be required to remove tough spots and spills. Always sweep or vacuum your contesse floor before cleaning so that all loose dirt and particles are removed. For best results do not use combination cleaner/finish products.

5. Do NOT WAX YOUR contesse FLOOR! The surface of your contesse floor is very dense and non-porous; this prevents wax from penetrating and thus will build up a bed for yellowing and dirt collection. The same non-porous feature also provides all the protection against wear and staining that you will need. Use only contesse One Step for heavy wear when you have experienced some loss of the original appearance over time. Your contesse floor has been designed to be very easy to maintain, but you may prefer to add an occasional coat of the contesse One Step to renew and protect your floor. If you cannot locate the contesse One Step, then please ask your sales representative for an equivalent low-gloss product. Additionally, the contesse One Step is available directly from your Distributor.

6. If your floor has been exposed to excessive amounts of water due to flooding, don’t panic, contesse is waterproof! Simply remove the water as quickly as possible with a Wet-Vac or other device and ventilate the room. A dehumidifier should be promptly turned on in the room to reduce the moisture levels back to normal. Do not dry the room below the normal moisture level that existed previously.

7. If accidental deep scratches appear on your floor then it might be necessary to replace such damaged tiles.

8. If the scratches are fine and the result of normal household use, then it is recommended only to fill them with one or two coats of Matte Floor Finish.

9. If any individual contesse plank seams or edges should release from one another, it usually can be corrected by applying warm air from a hair dryer or paint gun for 5 to 10 seconds from a distance of 20cm. Then step on (or roll) the edges and maintain pressure until the re-adhesion is effected.

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