Lavish Lawns – Artificial Grass (Fitting & Maintenance)

Want the look of realistic grass that can be enjoyed all year round and is easy to maintain?

Lavish lawns is an artificial grass range that now includes 7 different finishes / colours.

It is available on our website at great prices. Take a look here.

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lavish lawns


It is recommended to seek professional help to install your artificial lawn, however if you wish to take on the project yourself, the following guidelines should help you.

When measuring the length and width you require, allow for some extra as some will be lost when it is cut. If you require more than one roll, it is recommended that each roll is laid in the same direction as the fibres tend to sit in a certain direction.

It is advised NOT to install the lawn when there are bad weather conditions, such as damp and cold temperatures.

lavish lawns preperation

Installation of the turf

lavish lawn installation 1lavish lawn installation 2

How to maintain your lavish lawn

  • Regularly remove twigs, leaves and other organic material using a leaf blower, a stiff brush or a rake.
  • Always remove animal droppings and rinse afterwards.
  • Substances such as Oil, acids, solvents or fuels should never come into contact with the artificial grass
  • If moss appears on the turf, use a bio-degradable anti-moss treatment. (This may occur if there is not enough sunlight)
  • Do not throw cigarette butts on the turf and do not expose to fireworks, barbecues or welding activities, as this could cause the fibres to melt and stick together.

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